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1. Two students have stopped complaining of stomachaches and their asthma has lessened.
2. One student's skin condition improved.
3. One student who needed to gain weight, did (29 lbs.)
4. One girl complained less this year of aches and has gained weight (17 lbs).
5. A child was ill on a Friday, but his family still made sure to pick up his backpack.
6. One mother made a comment that this was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her family.
7. A child made the comment that he could hardly wait until Friday so he could get his backpack.
8. A kindergartner forgot his backpack and climbed over children on the bus to get his bag. He didn't care that the bus was going to leave without him (it didn't).
9. A student reported that he usually has bread for dinner.
10. "My mom is going to be so happy! We just ran out of food stamps!"
11. "I get my backpack today!"
12. "Is it Friday yet? I get my backpack on Friday!" (It was only Wednesday)
13. A child told his Speech Pathologist (as he held up his food bag) "I get to feed my family this weekend!"
*As the years go on, the testimonies are too numerous to share in this small space. They are heartbreaking yet uplifting. The children and families unequivocally share thoughts of joy, delight, and utter thankfullness.*

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